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"Closing a Prospect"
by Dirk Zeller

Too often I see salespeople become uncertain as to how to close a prospect. It is that moment of uncertainty that causes salespeople to lose sales. Here are a few thoughts that can take you over the threshold to more sales and contracts.

First, you have to assume success. Champion Salespeople who assume that they are going to get the sale have much greater success. In doing so, they don’t go in asking for the business first. Assume you will get it, and then ask.

Once you assume you will be successful, you must decide to get it done. Don’t let anyone take you off the track in achieving your goal. I had a coaching session recently with a Champion Real Estate Agent who was working with a problem buyer. The buyer was getting on her nerves. She had an appointment later that day to show the buyer a house that really fit her needs. I asked her a series of questions about the buyer. She concluded that she needed to sell her this house tonight or cut her loose. I counseled her to assume and decide that she was going to get this lady sold. That evening she did exactly that. Her mental decision to take action with this client made the sale.

The next step is to keep asking. Don’t be stopped by the first “no”. If you ever watch a four-year-old, “no” doesn’t bother them. They will continue to ask until they get a “yes”. Did you know that the average sale is made after five “no’s”? Do you stop before or after the fifth “no”?

The statistics are quite compelling:

  • 47% of salespeople stop after the first “no” they receive from a prospect.
  • 21% of salespeople stop after they hear “no” a second time.
  • 14% of salespeople quit asking after they receive a third “no”.
  • 12% of salespeople fail to continue after the fourth rejection.
  • 94% of salespeople fall short of the fifth time asking for the order.

Studies have also indicated that over 60% of consumers say “no” four times before they make a purchase. All we have to do to control over 60% of the market opportunities is ask more than five times with any prospect we meet. We can easily move into the top 6% of all Agents in income by simply asking for the business.

Make sure, however, to get a few “yes’s” through trial closes along the way. Trial closes are the little “yes’s” of agreement to the little things.

Trial closes build momentum. Momentum is crucial in any sales process. While prospects would not jump in front of a train, that is what you are accomplishing when you build momentum through trial closes. You’re building up speed and momentum down the track to the sale. They may try to slow you down with a little objection. Just handle it and throw a little more coal in the furnace to get the train up to speed again. The coal is another trial close once the objection is handled.

Closing a client is a step-by-step process. Practice these steps, and your sales volume will increase dramatically. You won’t have to resort to phrases of manipulation. It’s like the life insurance salesperson who told the prospect, “Now, don’t let me pressure you. Sleep on it tonight, and if you wake up in the morning, you can give me a call.”

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Sales Training and Coaching

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