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"How Any Salesperson Can Increase Their Revenue by Selling and
Generating Leads by Phone"

Learn how to make pre-call plans, conquer your sales call fears,
prepare winning scripts, ask the right questions,
overcome objections, and prospect your way to success

Telephone Sales for Dummies® by Dirk Zeller shows you, whether you are a new Salesperson or seasoned pro, how to create pre-call plans and effectively prospect via the phone.

Packed with techniques, scripts, and dialogues, this hands-on, interactive guide assists you with making cold calls, warm calls, and referral calls, helping you plan and execute openings to create interesting dialogue; ask key questions; develop persuasive presentation techniques; work within the No Call Law parameters; leave effective and enticing voicemails that get results; get past screeners and get quality referrals; find hot leads; and create callback scripts that close the sale.

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